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In today’s global economy, the demand supply mismatch for talent is a challenge for organizations as much as it is for professionals.   Companies and businesses face a daunting task in finding the right talent within and outside their geographic borders. Recruiting local is a task requiring dedicated attention, but recruiting globally is an even bigger commitment of resources.

Many skilled professionals look for overseas opportunities to broaden their horizons, to learn new skills and to strengthen their skills.   An overseas posting on the resume is increasingly considered a ‘medal of honor’ in many occupations.

Only work permits, provides an easy platform for employers to reach out to a global audience of professionals.   Our team believes that hiring the right talent from outside your borders, shouldn’t be a daunting task.  Our mission is to facilitate global recruitment and make it a smooth process for you.  We do this in two ways – an online job board listing vacancies that are open to hiring foreign candidates; and providing easy access to a network of experienced professionals who can support your business in the recruitment cycle.  This network includes legal professionals to walk you through the legalese of immigration laws, international recruitment specialists to reach that specialist who works across borders in a distant location, and others who can add value to the task of global recruitment.



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